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Top 10 Masquerade Masks for Women

The Masquerade Masks Shop is here to help and advise with any Mask order. Ladies going to a Masked Ball or party usually choose the dress first then look for a mask to compliment the colour and design. We sell hundreds of quality Masquerade Masks for Ladies and with new creations being added every few months we are sure we have the perfect mask for you. Below are 10 of our most popular masks bought by women in our shop. These give a good idea of the sorts of designs and fittings available. We are adding new lines of Metal Masks designed and made in Venice which will soon be giving ladies an option of a different type of look. These masks are sometimes called ‘Tattoo Masks’ as they give a wonderful outline when worn.

When deciding on what type of Masquerade Mask you want please consider our rage of cat masks. We have added a few to the Top 10 but we have many more feline designs on our shop so take time and look through the options. Another type of mask very popular with ladies are the feather masks. The addition a feather or a number of feathers add a chic look. With regards fitting these masks usually come with 3 main options – The Headband fitting, Ribbon Tie and the New Glasses style which fits just like wearing a pair of eye glasses. For ladies who do wear glasses we have a number of masks on a stick which can be held upto the face without having to try and fit the mask over the glasses. The Mask on sticks have been popular for hundreds of years for masked balls and can be help up whilst talking to someone and quickly removed.

The Masquerade Masks listed below are constantly changing position with regards sales so any of these could be a best seller. New masks are being added from Venice this year so we expect these to become popular when available to buy.




Colombina Macramè Gold

Antonietta Blue Masquerade Mask with Side Feather

Romia Red Masquerade Masks with Side Feather

Cerelia Masquerade Mask ~ Leopard - Cat Mask

Annuziata Masquerade Mask ~ Black With Feathers

Arabela Masquerade Mask ~ Black  and White Mask with Tassels

Contessa Masquerade Mask ~ Black Cat