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Gold Masquerade Masks

Below are a selection of our Masquerade Masks in gold colour. These are available in styles for both ladies and gents. To buy any of these masks simply visit our shop by selecting the menu bar.

gent-masquerade-ball-mask-in-gold Colombina-Barocco-Dama-gold-mens-masquerade-mask Gold gents masquerade mask Colombina-Barocco-Sole-Gold-1 d-196-mask_nasone_gold_black_1 gold-venetian-eye-mask sky-blue-venetian-eye-mask Red-Masquerade-Eye-Mask Devil-Masquerade-Mask-Gold_1 barocco_gold-mens-masquerade-mask Gold Mans Masquerade Mask Colombina_Masquerade_Masks_1 jester-masquerade-masks-musica-side Colombina-Mezza-Black-Mens-Masquerade-Mask-090 masks-of-Venice ladies-masquerade-mask gold-masquerade-mask-from-venice Gatto Macramè Craquelè Gold Ladies Masquerade Mask Colombina Macramè Gold Gold Decorative Masquerade Mask Volto Macramè Maschile Gold (Eyes Wide Shut) Cadenza Masquerade Mask Silver and Gold Eye Constanzie Masquerade Mask Gold Gold Mask & Braided Eye Pattern