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Who runs The Masquerade Ball Masks Shop?

Well we have an interesting history. In 1992 two young men (if 30 year olds are still young!) started a video/film production company. Prior to this we had been working for the BBC in the News Department on the creative side of editing the news items. Our company specialised in historical documentaries and local history programmes. I have always loved the look of the Venetian Masquerade Mask and whilst we needed some costumes for our filming we started to sell Masks and costumes online. Our search for fine quality Masquerade Masks has gathered together a beautiful range of masks for ladies and gents. New masks are added as we discover them and we are always looking for new creations to bring to our shop. Today we are a leading seller of Masquerade Ball Masks here in the UK. We have supplied many large businesses, party venues, hotels and thousands of individual customer all over the World.

How & when will my mask be delivered to me?

We pack all our masks in cardboard boxes with soft wrap to protect them during transit. We try and get all our orders dispatched same-day of order if placed before 3pm. We send via Royal Mail and use ‘First Class’ postage to speed the order to our customer or for those who are not in a hurry we offer ‘Second Class’ option which saves money. However many customers need the mask Next Day or even on a Saturday Special Delivery and we have option for these as well. Simply choose the postage option at checkout.

How does my masquerade mask fit?

There are several main types of fitting for our masks. and these are described below:

Ribbon Tie: – This is a simple ribbon that is attached to the mask and can be tied in a bow at the back of the head. Most of our handmade masks from Venice use this ribbon tie method.

Headband fitting: – This is in the form of an ‘Alice-Band’ type attachment which is clipped onto the mask via clear plastic arms. Very popular with our ladies as this can be adjusted to sit on-top or behind the head.

Glasses Fitting: – New type of fitting for our Masquerade Masks which is just like wearing a pair of glasses. Two clear arms attach to the mask and then the wearer uses them as they would with normal glasses fit.

Mask on a stick: – This is a mask which is popular with people who wear glasses. The mask is held upto the face via a stick.

Can I change the type of fitting for my mask?

Some customers remove the headband type fitting and glue two pieces of ribbon to the mask instead. We do not carry out this alteration out ourselves but it can easily be done. Please note once this alteration has been made you cannot return the mask to us.

Is my mask made in Venice?

We offer a quality range of handmade Masquerade Masks created by master craftsmen in Venice using traditional materials and methods. These are hand painted and as a result you will be buying a unique mask as no two are identical. We also sell a wide range of masks which are not made in Venice but which are quality creations often with fine decoration such as lace and feathers. Very popular with ladies as they are available in many colour options.

What if I do not like my chosen mask?

We have a clear returns policy which allows our customers to look at the mask and decide on suitability. All we ask is that if you are not happy with the mask you return it to us within 7 days and that the mask is ‘as new’ with all tags attached.

We are looking to buy a quantity of Masquerade Masks form you, Do you offer discounts on bulk buys?

Yes if you are looking for a reasonably large order we can work out a discount for you. We have supplied many large hotels, TV companies, party venues, weddings and charity events with masks. Simple get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help. Please also read our returns policy regarding bulk buying.

How do I pay for my Masquerade Mask?

We offer Paypal and World Pay options. With Paypal you can simply use your existing account to buy or if you do not have an account you can use guest checkout. Alternatively you can pay via your credit card using World Pay. No account is needed for this payment option.