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Classical Venetian Masquerade Masks For Men


Barocco Masquerade Masks

We supply some of the finest masquerade masks created. Our masks are works of art produced by Master Craftsmen from Venice using traditional techniques established over hundreds of years. Available in a range of colours and styles these Barocco Masks are creations to be admired. For the gentleman of distinction.

Below are some of our most poplar Barocco style masks.

Colombina-Barocco-Dama-gold-mens-masquerade-mask Colombina-Barocco-Sole-Bronze-1 barocco_gold-mens-masquerade-mask Cavalli_Mens_Masquerade_Mask_1 Masquerade-Masks-For-Men-Bronze masquerade-masks-for-men-sliver Silver gents masquerade mask from venice Colombina_Masquerade_Masks_1

Colombina-Barocco-Mens-Masquerade-Masks-09 Colombina Barocco Silver White Masquerade Mask