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Cat masks are some of our most popular masks and we sell a delightful range of Masquerade Cat Masks. Masquerade Masks can add a nice twist to the Masquerade theme and a touch of glamour to the wearer. As with all our Masquerade Masks we have a wide choice and even have a Cat Mask on a stick for those who prefer to hold the mask.

Gatto Macramè Craquelè Gold Ladies Masquerade Mask Black and Gold Cat Masquerade Mask Silver Cat Mask with Sequins The Black Cat ~ Masquerade Mask Sequin Black Cat Mask Cerelia Masquerade Mask ~ Leopard - Cat Mask Caterina Masquerade Mask Black Cat with Ears Contessa Masquerade Mask ~ Black Cat Maria Masquerade Mask ~ Jewelled Cat Jewelled Tiger Cat Mask Black Cat Mask Decorative