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Welcome to the Masquerade Masks Shop. We sell a delightful range of Masks for ladies and gents. Our range includes handmade Venetian Masks from master craftsmen in Venice to delicate lace and feather creations for women.

Our beautiful collection of Masquerade Masks are suitable for any occasion and as an established company of choice for many large companies and party venues we supply bulk orders as well as looking after our individual customers. We supply quality masks for all occasions from black tie events, formal evenings and masked balls to prom nights, weddings and parties. Please take time to browse through our collection and enjoy the creations we offer.

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Here you will discover some of the finest masquerade masks created. Our masks are works of art produced by Master Craftsmen from Venice using traditional techniques established over hundreds of years. Available in a range of colours and styles these Barocco Masks are creations to be admired. For the gentleman of distinction.

Genuine Venetian Eye Masks

Venetian Eye Masks
Quality Handmade by master craftsmen in Venice our exquisite range of genuine Venetian Eye masks are the hight of style and elegance. Created for Gents and Ladies who know and appreciate fine quality creations. These are perfect for formal evenings and black tie events.

Devil Masquerade Masks


Devil Masquerade Masks

Devil Masquerade Mask from Venice. A devilish creation handmade by master craftsmen and available in the classic red or for these who prefer the stylish gold.


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Masquerade Masks Shop offers hundreds of quality masks for ladies and gents. If you need any additional help choosing a mask please feel free to contact us.

Barocco Masquerade Masks ~ Quality Masks for Ladies & Gents


Quality Mens Masquerade Ball Masks

Venetian Eye Masks ~ Perfect for Black Tie events and Masked Balls


Masquerade Eye Masks

Genuine Handmade Jester Masks from Venice


Jester Masquerade Masks

Cat Masquerade Masks for Ladies


Cat Masquerade Masks for Women

Full Face Masquerade Masks for that ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ look


Eyes Wide Shut Masks

Feather Ladies Masquerade Masks

Feather Masquerade Masks for women